Team Member

Taco Bell

Job Details

Job Location: 032979 – Phoenixville – Phoenixville, PA

Salary Range: Undisclosed


• Presents a neat, clean appearance, in company uniform

• Greets each customer they encounter with a smile and a word of welcome or departure

• Maintains a clean and safe environment for customers

• Serves customers according to all company procedures and standards

Cooperation with peers – work with fellow employees as part of a team, helps others when they need a hand

• Demonstrates a positive and enthusiastic attitude with co-workers

• Helps new employees through training and orientation

• Demonstrates patience and understanding when training others

• Keeps other employees informed about what he/she is doing

Attendance – is personally reliable

• Understands posted work schedule and reports to work as scheduled, on time, in uniform and ready to begin tasks

• Provides appropriate notice when unable to be at work

• Provides written notice for being late or absent as required

• Understands and uses approved time keeping system

Cooperation with Management – is open and receptive to requests, demonstrates flexibility and dependability

• Demonstrates a positive and enthusiastic attitude with management

• Adjusts positively to requests for change from managers

• Accepts procedural changes positively and without loss of effectiveness

• Alerts management to station needs

• Anticipates problems and brings them to managements attention

• Follows through with all commitments made

Initiative and Energy – takes action without being told, goes beyond what is simply required, maintains a high activity level

• Helps others when needed without being asked

• Demonstrates a sense of urgency on the job, especially when it relates to pleasing the customer

• Is effective working on more than one task at a time

• Finishes tasks completely once begun

• Suggests ideas for solving problems, improving procedures, etc.


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