Staff Scientist


Staff Scientist (Solvay USA LLC / Bristol, PA) – Engage in project management of development of new sustainable solvents at companys Sustainable Solvents Application Laboratory; support the development of technologies in the home care sector with a focus on surface care and air care applications testing using solvents from renewable sources; identify new opportunities, benchmark marketed products and experiment with unique raw materials to understand the drivers behind product efficacy, with a focus on introducing the sustainable solvents in the U.S. market; product characterization, application testing and the evaluation of product stability; plan and design technical approaches; drive projects to completion and liaison with customers to communicate the observed benefits; guarantee that all new developed solvents reach the quality requirements of U.S. customers and regulatory agencies; provide advice and support to external and internal customers; write invention disclosures and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP); implement improved or new tools and methodologies proposed by suppliers or used by other entities (benchmarking), propose and supervise the development or acquisition of new equipment and methodologies; study and resolve fundamental issues by acquiring or developing new tools and methodologies; perform laboratory work for air care and surface care segments (formulation, stability and application performance testing), evaluation of solvents and their impurities using different analytical techniques, with focus in gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. Requires Masters in Chemistry or a closely related field and four years of experience in job offered or as Researcher, or R&I Coordinator, or similar position(s) in the chemistry field. Background in education, training, or experience must include familiarity with Accolade/WeGo and Agilab softwares; experience with project management, including experience in technical project management in the chemical industry; demonstrated ability to perform home care application performance testing; strong knowledge of physical and organic chemistry in the context of environmentally friendly processes and products (solvents); strong analytical skills, with a focus in gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. 

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