Deputy Sheriff

Lyon County

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This is a non-exempt position. Deputies will assist in all aspects of
the operations of the Lyon County Sheriffs Office; including all duties
of jail operations, service of the process of the courts, criminal and
traffic law enforcement and any other tasks assigned by their supervisor
to promote the public safety.


Perform the statutorily prescribed law enforcement duties of the
Sheriffs Office: Enforcement of State Law and County resolutions,
arresting or issue citations to individuals violating such laws or
resolutions. Investigating complaints and reports of Motor Vehicle
Accidents and other incidents; identifying and collecting evidence found
at crime scenes and documenting the same. Appear in Court to provide
testimony as needed.
Legibly prepare departmental reports and other documentation,
completely, accurately, and in a timely manner.
Respond to and handle citizens concerns and complaints and other public
relations duties in a compassionate, professional manner.
Pass on to other officers the skills and information you have that will
assist them in the professional performance of their duties; either
informally or at shift change briefings or in formal training sessions.
Recognize and report any violations of County or Sheriffs Office
policies and procedures observed, and investigate and document same, as
assigned by supervisor.
Take advantage of every opportunity to enhance professional knowledge
and skills by attending training, studying on your own and learning from
others with specialized skill and expertise as the opportunities arise.
Show up for work on a regular and predictable basis as scheduled.

Must attend 40 hours of approved training every year from among the
training opportunities identified and approved by the Sheriff.
Must, on occasion, responsibly and professionally handle large sums of
cash; and on intermittent occasions independently expend budgeted funds
for vehicle maintenance, supplies, and travel expenses.
Must be able to demonstrate consistent interpersonal skills that will
enable them to relate professionally with the public, inmates, and other
County and Sheriffs Office employees.
Must be able to spend lengthy periods in an automobile, subject to
working in all weather conditions with occasional extended periods of
exposure to inclement weather.
This position requires the ability to work shifts. Applicant must be
willing to respond to call out situations and schedule changes subject
to short notice.
Must be willing to respond to high-risk situations including exposure to
life threatening situations.
Must be able to complete short periods of very high intensity physical
May be required to participate for 2-3 years in the WorkWellKS training
seminars and the Lyon County, Kansas Wellness Team roles as: Convener,
Facilitator, Secretary, Communications/Promotion, Liaison to the
Executive, Meaningful Employee Engager, Event Planner, Benefits Liaison,
Data Liaison, and/or Facilities.
Must possess sufficient visual acuity to read and write and operate
office equipment. Requires sufficient hearing capability to be able to
deal effectively with the public and others directly or via telephone or
radio equipment.


Applicant must be a United States citizen.
Applicant must not have been convicted of a crime that would constitute
a felony under the laws of this state, a misdemeanor crime of domestic
violence or a misdemeanor offense that the commission determines
reflects on the honesty, trustworthiness, integrity or competence of the
applicant as defined by rules and regulations of the commission;
Applicant must be of good moral character sufficient to warrant the
public trust in the applicant as a Deput Sheriff.
The applicant must engender sufficient faith and confidence in the
Sheriff to merit appointment as a Deputy Sheriff.
The applicant must have reached their 21st birthday and have a valid
drivers license.
The applicant must have a high school diploma, GED, or obtained the
equivalent of a high school education.
The applicant must be able to read, write and speak English fluently;
the ability to speak a second language is desirable.
The applicant must be able to successfully complete the County
employment application and pass the County Physical examination
including a drug screen and a psychological evaluation.
The applicant must be able to pass a background investigation, polygraph
examination, and be able to obtain state certification as a Full-Time
Law Enforcement Officer.

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