Departmental Analyst E – BPHASA-POA-Hybrid

State of Michigan

Departmental Analyst E – BPHASA-POA-Hybrid

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Departmental Analyst E – BPHASA-POA-Hybrid


$1,912.00 – $2,996.80 Biweekly


Lansing, MI

Job Type

Permanent Full Time

Remote Employment


Job Number



Health and Human Services – Central Office

Opening Date


Closing Date

5/26/2024 11:59 PM Eastern

Bargaining Unit





Job Description

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services mission is to provide opportunities, services, and programs that promote a healthy, safe, and stable environment for residents to be self-sufficient. We are committed to ensuring a diverse workforce and a work environment whereby all employees are treated with dignity, respect and fairness. For more information, please visit MDHHS Diversity Equity and Inclusion .

This position serves as an analyst supporting various functions of the Actuarial Division. It interacts with MDCH and external personnel on matters relating to Medicaid encounter and fee-for-service data, ad hoc query software, and the State Data Warehouse. The individual is responsible for analyses of data from various MDCH databases such as encounter, fee-for-service, lead screening and others. These analyses are used to monitor quality of data from the health plans, provide data for research projects and case management studies and other requested data extracts. This individual monitors the submission of and quality of data from assigned health plans; developing Encounter Quality Initiative reporting, and corrective Action Plans during on-site health plan visits; presenting analytical findings; and compiling, manipulating, and analyzing large data sets. This individual is responsible for analyzing test data from the managed care entities and approval for submission of production encounter data. This position is also responsible for monitoring changes in data submission due to the implementation of HIPAA and ACA regulations.

Position Description ( Analyst PD CEP Edit.pdf)

Job Specification

To be considered for this position you must:

apply for this position online via NEOGOV; click on “Apply” in the job posting for instructions on submitting your electronic application. Hard copy applications are not accepted.

relevant experience and/or education referred to in supplemental questions must be documented in resume, transcript and/or application to allow for accurate screening.

attach a resume identifying specific experience and dates of employment. Dates of employment should include month and year and hours per week.

attach a cover letter.

if applicable, attach a copy of an official transcript(s). We accept scanned copies of official transcripts. We do not accept web-based, internet, or copies of unofficial transcripts. Official transcripts provide the name of the institution, confirmation that a degree was awarded and on what date, and the registrars signature.

Failure to complete any of the above items may result in your application not being considered. See instructions for attaching files here: Instructions (

Required Education and Experience


Possession of a bachelor’s degree in any major


Departmental Analyst 9

No specific type or amount is required.

Departmental Analyst 10

One year of professional experience.

Departmental Analyst P11

Two years of professional experience, including one year of experience equivalent to the intermediate (10) level in state service.


Additional Requirements and Information

The physical location of this position is 400 S. Pine St., Lansing, MI 48933. Based on operational needs and within established limits, remote work and alternate or hybrid work schedule requests for this position may be considered.

Selected candidates who have been approved to work remotely or a hybrid schedule must complete that work within Michigan. Candidates should confirm work location and schedule at the time of interview.

Employees will be provided computers to perform state work. Phones may also be provided for necessary communications. If working remotely, employees will be responsible for providing other components of a remote office at their own expense, including:

A secure work location that allows privacy and prevents distractions.

A high-speed internet connection of at least 25 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload.

Suitable lighting, furniture, and utilities.


The department reserves the right to close this posting prior to its original end date once a sufficient number of applications have been received.

If you previously held status in this classification and departed within the last three (3) years, please contact Human Resources regarding your interest in a potential reinstatement. Reinstatement is not guaranteed or required.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) software of any kind is prohibited in all areas of the selection process; including, but not limited to, responses to application questions, and responses to interview questions or exercises.

For information about this specific position, please email . Please reference the job posting number in subject line.

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MDHHS is proud to be a Michigan Veteran’s Affairs Agency (MVAA) Gold Level Veteran-Friendly Employer.

State employment also offers rewarding careers where you can help Michiganders enjoy better lives. Many State of Michigan jobs offer alternate work schedules and remote-work options that can help give the flexibility you need. The State of Michigan has been recognized as a leading U.S. employer by new graduates from 2021-2023 and a best large U.S. and state employer. Recognized on the international stage for fostering positive employee engagement, the State of Michigan is a past recipient of a North America Government Agency Employees Engagement Award.

More details on benefits for our new hires are below:

Rewarding Work:State of Michigan jobs allow you to serve Michiganders in many different ways depending on your interests and skills. Help preserve and protect our environment and the public health; enforce state laws and regulations; advocate for children, families, and victims of discrimination; support our state’s military and veterans; rebuild our state’s infrastructure; or support other state agencies through our fiscal, IT, and HR systems.

Insurance Benefits:The State of Michigan offers health, mental health, dental, and vision insurance to eligible career employees, their spouses, and their children. The state also covers a life-insurance benefit of two times employees’ annual salary (up to $200,000). The state also offers long-term-disability insurance that can provide continuing benefits if an injury or illness prevents employees from working. More information is available

Retirement Programs:The State of Michigan offers 401(k) and 457 plans for new hires to save for retirement. The state will automatically contribute an amount equal to 4% of your pay to a 401(k) account. The state will also match up to 5% of your pay if you contribute to your 401(k) account. Your contributions vest immediately, and the state’s contributions fully vest after just 4 years. More information is available at

Vacation and Sick Leave:Eligible full-time employees receive between15 and 35 personal daysand13 sick daysper year that may be rolled over to the following year if not used. Eligible employees also receive an additional day each year for community service or school functions.

Paid Parental Leave:Eligible employees can take12 weeks of paid leaveimmediately after a birth or adoption to allow needed time together at home with a new child.

Paid Holidays:Eligible employees receive 13 or 14 paid holidays each year including New Year’s Eve and Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Election Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Friday, Christmas Eve and Day.

Bonus Programs:Eligible employees with five years of service also receive annual longevity bonuses that grow as seniority increases. Some positions also may qualify for recruitment, retention, and performance bonuses or other special pay premiums.

Military Pay Differential:Employees in the guard or reserves may also qualify for supplemental pay benefits if miliary pay during qualifying duty is less than normal state pay. Prior military service may also allow seniority credits to accelerate eligibility for longevity bonuses and additional personal leave accrual.

Tax-Advantaged Programs:In addition to 401(k) and 457 retirement accounts, the state also offers flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA), and qualified transportation fringe benefit (QTFB) programs that can help you save money by reducing your taxable income.

Student Loan Forgiveness:Working for the State of Michigan may allow you to participate in programs that forgive the balance of qualifying student loans.Information ( to help determine if you could qualify is available from the U.S. Department of Education.

Tuition Reduction:Some colleges and universities offer savings to eligible employees and family members to further their education while working for the State of Michigan.

Professional Development:To help develop your career, programs are available to apply for reimbursement of up to $2,000 a year for education and training for college course credits and non-degree programs.

Alternative and Remote Work Schedules:Depending on the nature of their duties, many state jobs offer flexible work schedules and remote or hybrid telecommuting options that can help obtain the work-life balance that you seek.

Great Lakes and Great Times:Michigan boasts four Great Lakes, 11,000 inland lakes, 36,000 miles of rivers and streams, 20 million acres of forests, 100 state and national parks and recreation areas, 1,300 miles of bike trails, 6,500 miles of snowmobile trails, the second-most ski areas in the nation, 650 public golf courses, 600 campgrounds, and an international dark-sky park—just for starters. Our cities offer concerts and cultural events, storied sports teams, education hubs, vibrant downtowns, one-of-a-kind craft beverages, and renowned restaurants for every appetite. From urban centers to beach towns to the great outdoors, the opportunities are endless. With your state salary and benefits and Michigan’s affordable cost of living, you can explore all that Michigan has to offer.

Updated: 2/28/24


DEPTALT – Do you possess one of the following? A bachelors degree or higher in any major. If so, please attach a copy of your official college transcripts; OR at least one year of professional level experience in the state of Michigan classified service.




DEPTALT – Please select your level of experience:

None to one year of professional experience.

One to two years of professional experience.

Two to three years of professional experience.

At least three years of professional experience.


Do you possess a bachelors degree in Health Administration, Data Analytics, or any other major?




Please select the years of experience you possess in a data analyst role?

5 years or more

3-4 years

1-2 years

Less than 1 year



From the list below, please select the following programs you have working knowledge or experience with:

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Teams






Microsoft Access

Electronic Health Record Development

Interface Development



Please describe your experience working with Medicaid operations, or other healthcare revenue cycle departments. If you do not possess this experience, write “N/A”. Please limit your response to 500 words.


Please describe your experience managing customer accounts, acting as a liaison to a business partner, or otherwise using service skills. If you do not possess this experience, write “N/A”. Please limit your response to 500 words.


Please succinctly describe a challenging data-analysis procedure you performed, with attention to what your objective was, what challenges existed, and how you overcame those challenges to reach your objective. Please limit your response to 500 words.


Describe a time when you needed to work cooperatively with someone that did not share the same ideas as you


From the options below, which accurately describes your current status? (A current state employee works for an actual state department such as the Department of Corrections, the Department of Transportation, etc.)

A current Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) employee

A Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) employee in layoff status

A current State of Michigan (non-MDHHS) employee

A State of Michigan (non-MDHHS) employee in layoff status

None of the above


Are you a current MDHHS employee classified as a Departmental Analyst-E interested in moving to the same class and level at this location?




Please select from the options below: (Please note, actions that have been expunged, formal counseling, and layoff actions need not be reported.) Please select all that apply.

I have been dismissed within the last two years

I have resigned in lieu of discipline or dismissal within the last two years

I have been suspended without pay within the last two years

I have received a written reprimand within the last two years

I have received an unsatisfactory rating within the last two years

I have signed a last chance agreement with MDHHS within the last two years

I certify that none of the above circumstances apply to me


Do you have an Intentional Program Violation from the Department of Health and Human Services?




Do you have any objection to being finger printed or drug tested?




Do you have any substantiated cases of abuse or neglect reported on the Department of Human Services Central Registry?




Did you attach a cover letter and a copy of your resume to your application? (Failure to do so will result in your application being screened out)




Did you attach a copy of an official college/university transcript to your application? (Failure to do so may result in your application being screened out.



Required Question


State of Michigan


Health and Human Services – Central Office


Office of Human Resources

235 S. Grand Ave.

Lansing, Michigan, 48933


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