General Office Assistant 5-E7 (Legal Affairs Office Assistant)

State of Michigan

General Office Assistant 5-E7 (Legal Affairs Office Assistant)

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General Office Assistant 5-E7 (Legal Affairs Office Assistant)


$18.82 – $26.64 Hourly


Lansing, MI

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Permanent Full Time

Remote Employment


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Corrections – Central Office

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Closing Date

5/17/2024 11:59 PM Eastern

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Job Description

The Michigan Department of Corrections is proud to be a Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA) Gold Level Veteran Friendly Employer.

MDOC is proud to employ nearly 1,500 veterans and actively serving military members across the department. The Department has many benefits and services available to support our military and veteran employees, spouses, and families. Learn more about what makes MDOC a Gold-Level Veteran Friendly Employer here. (

This position functions as general office assistant providing general office support to the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) Grievance, Rehearings, and Freedom of Information (FOIA) Sections. The position performs a number of complex duties in assisting in legal processes required under law.

View the job specification here ( .

View the position descriptionhere ( Description – 4024.pdf) .

Required Education and Experience


Educational level typically acquired through completion of high school.


General Office Assistant 5

No specific type or amount of experience is required.

General Office Assistant 6

One year of administrative support experience.

General Office Assistant E7

Two years of administrative support experience, including one year equivalent to the intermediate level.

Additional Requirements and Information

New hires to the MDOC along with previous MDOC employees that are returning after being away from the department for more than two years will complete Non-Custody New Employee Training (NCNET) either 40 hours or 80 hours of initial in-person training based on their level of offender contact and job classification. All new employees will complete additional online training to successfully complete their non-custody new employee training.

Employment in the state classified service demands a high degree of loyalty and imposes high ethical standards on employees to ensure the integrity of state government and maintain effective services. All employees must meet these ethical standards and all appointing authorities are obligated to enforce these ethical standards.

As part of this effort all employees are required to report any possible conflict of interest, please review the information and be prepared to respond to questions related to the information in your application. Ethical Standards and Conduct (Note: you do not need to fill out the form)

Certain positions may require a criminal history background check.

The Department of Corrections may screen out job applicants who have been convicted of a felony in accordance with Public Act 191 of 2017. Applicants who have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony are ineligible for employment with the Department of Corrections until satisfactory completion of any sentence imposed, including parole or probation.

All required documents must be attached and submitted at the time of application for further consideration.Applications must be submitted through NEOGOV to be considered.

Interested applicants who are attaching transcripts must attach a copy of yourofficialcollege transcripts indicating the specific type of degree earned and the conferred/graduation date.(Un-official or web-based transcripts will not be accepted.)More information regarding what constitutes an official transcript can be found here ( (Download PDF reader). If you have questions or need assistance uploading and/or attaching your documents, please call the Office of Career Services toll free at 1-800-788-1766.

State employment also offers rewarding careers where you can help Michiganders enjoy better lives. Many State of Michigan jobs offer alternate work schedules and remote-work options that can help give the flexibility you need. The State of Michigan has been recognized as a leading U.S. employer by new graduates from 2021-2023 and a best large U.S. and state employer. Recognized on the international stage for fostering positive employee engagement, the State of Michigan is a past recipient of a North America Government Agency Employees Engagement Award.

More details on benefits for our new hires are below:

Rewarding Work:State of Michigan jobs allow you to serve Michiganders in many different ways depending on your interests and skills. Help preserve and protect our environment and the public health; enforce state laws and regulations; advocate for children, families, and victims of discrimination; support our state’s military and veterans; rebuild our state’s infrastructure; or support other state agencies through our fiscal, IT, and HR systems.

Insurance Benefits:The State of Michigan offers health, mental health, dental, and vision insurance to eligible career employees, their spouses, and their children. The state also covers a life-insurance benefit of two times employees’ annual salary (up to $200,000). The state also offers long-term-disability insurance that can provide continuing benefits if an injury or illness prevents employees from working. More information is available

Retirement Programs:The State of Michigan offers 401(k) and 457 plans for new hires to save for retirement. The state will automatically contribute an amount equal to 4% of your pay to a 401(k) account. The state will also match up to 5% of your pay if you contribute to your 401(k) account. Your contributions vest immediately, and the state’s contributions fully vest after just 4 years. More information is available at

Vacation and Sick Leave:Eligible full-time employees receive between15 and 35 personal daysand13 sick daysper year that may be rolled over to the following year if not used. Eligible employees also receive an additional day each year for community service or school functions.

Paid Parental Leave:Eligible employees can take12 weeks of paid leaveimmediately after a birth or adoption to allow needed time together at home with a new child.

Paid Holidays:Eligible employees receive 13 or 14 paid holidays each year including New Year’s Eve and Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Election Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Friday, Christmas Eve and Day.

Bonus Programs:Eligible employees with five years of service also receive annual longevity bonuses that grow as seniority increases. Some positions also may qualify for recruitment, retention, and performance bonuses or other special pay premiums.

Military Pay Differential:Employees in the guard or reserves may also qualify for supplemental pay benefits if miliary pay during qualifying duty is less than normal state pay. Prior military service may also allow seniority credits to accelerate eligibility for longevity bonuses and additional personal leave accrual.

Tax-Advantaged Programs:In addition to 401(k) and 457 retirement accounts, the state also offers flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA), and qualified transportation fringe benefit (QTFB) programs that can help you save money by reducing your taxable income.

Student Loan Forgiveness:Working for the State of Michigan may allow you to participate in programs that forgive the balance of qualifying student loans.Information ( to help determine if you could qualify is available from the U.S. Department of Education.

Tuition Reduction:Some colleges and universities offer savings to eligible employees and family members to further their education while working for the State of Michigan.

Professional Development:To help develop your career, programs are available to apply for reimbursement of up to $2,000 a year for education and training for college course credits and non-degree programs.

Alternative and Remote Work Schedules:Depending on the nature of their duties, many state jobs offer flexible work schedules and remote or hybrid telecommuting options that can help obtain the work-life balance that you seek.

Great Lakes and Great Times:Michigan boasts four Great Lakes, 11,000 inland lakes, 36,000 miles of rivers and streams, 20 million acres of forests, 100 state and national parks and recreation areas, 1,300 miles of bike trails, 6,500 miles of snowmobile trails, the second-most ski areas in the nation, 650 public golf courses, 600 campgrounds, and an international dark-sky park—just for starters. Our cities offer concerts and cultural events, storied sports teams, education hubs, vibrant downtowns, one-of-a-kind craft beverages, and renowned restaurants for every appetite. From urban centers to beach towns to the great outdoors, the opportunities are endless. With your state salary and benefits and Michigan’s affordable cost of living, you can explore all that Michigan has to offer.

Updated: 2/28/24


GNOFAST – Do you possess at least an educational level typically acquired through the completion of high school?




GNOFAST – Please select your level of experience.


One to two years of administrative support experience.

Two to three years of administrative support experience, including one year equivalent to the intermediate level.

At least three years of administrative support experience, including two years equivalent to the intermediate level or one year equivalent to the experienced level.


CORR3 – If yes, indicate name(s), and incarceration/supervision location of prisoner, parolee, or probationer. What is your relationship to the person(s)? If no, enter N/A


CORR6 – Are you an active Michigan Department of Corrections employee? ACTIVE: Includes employees on layoff status due to a Reduction in Force whose recall rights have not expired.




CORR5 – I understand that if selected for an interview, I will be scheduled electronically through NEOGOV. I have provided a valid e-mail and understand it is my responsibility to monitor said e-mail account for interview opportunities. I also acknowledge that correspondence received through NEOGOV may be sent to a junk mail (including state of Michigan junk mail) or spam account and I will monitor those accounts accordingly.




CORR2 – Are you related to or acquainted with anyone who is currently incarcerated in a State prison, tether program, on parole or felony probation status? (NOTE: an affirmative response to this question will NOT automatically result in you being screened out for consideration)




CORR1 – Are you a participant in the Return to Work program? This program is for employees that were displaced from their regular jobs due to work injuries which do not allow them to perform their normal work duties.




CORR4 – I understand and agree that the Department of Corrections will complete a thorough investigation of my ENTIRE CRIMINAL HISTORY and may verify all data given in the criminal history check. Any material misrepresentation or deliberate omission of a fact in their application may be justification for refusal of, or if employed, termination from employment.




CORR8 – Have you participated in an internship with the Michigan Department of Corrections?




CORR7 – If yes, please select your current work location:

Central Office

FOA Metropolitan Territory

FOA Outstate Territory

Kinross Administrative Offices

Ionia Administrative Offices

Jackson Administrative Offices

Alger Correctional Facility

Baraga Correctional Facility

Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility

Carson City Correctional Facility

Central Michigan Correctional Facility

Charles E. Egeler Reception and Guidance Center

Chippewa Correctional Facility

Cooper Street Correctional Facility

Detroit Detention Center

Earnest C. Brooks Correctional Facility

G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility

Gus Harrison Correctional Facility

Ionia Correctional Facility

Kinross Correctional Facility

Lakeland Correctional Facility

Macomb Correctional Facility

Marquette Branch Prison

Muskegon Correctional Facility

Newberry Correctional Facility

Oaks Correctional Facility

Parnall Correctional Facility

Richard A. Handlon Correctional Facility

Saginaw Correctional Facility

St. Louis Correctional Facility

Thumb Correctional Facility

Womens Huron Valley Correctional Facility

Woodland Correctional Facility


CORR10 -If you responded that you or a family member does have a conflict of interest to the question above, please explain in detail below. If you responded neither you nor a family member has a conflict please enter N/A.


CORR9 I confirm that I have reviewed the required information on the Ethical Standards and Conduct via the link provided on the job posting. Based on that review please select the appropriate answer below.

Neither I nor any member of my immediate family (grandparent, parent, parent-in-law, stepparent, sibling, spouse, child or stepchild), have personal or financial interests in a business or entity which is contracted with the State of Michigan. Indicate N/A in the box below if this applies.

I, or a member of my immediate family (grandparent, parent, parent-in-law, stepparent, sibling, spouse, child or stepchild), have personal or financial interests in a business or entity which is contracted with the State of Michigan as summarized below.


CORR11 – Have you ever been employed by the State of Michigan?




CORR12 – IF you answered yes to the question above please identify which department, former name if used and/or ID number if known. If you answered no, please enter N/A.

Required Question


State of Michigan


Corrections – Central Office


206 E. Michigan Avenue

Lansing, Michigan, 48909


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