Orchard Worker – Pre-Harvest

West Virginia Employer

2 TEMPORARY/SEASONAL WORKERS from 06/17/2024 to 10/20/2024 in Jefferson County, WV This job requires 3 months experience working in an orchard picking tree fruit by hand. Work activities will include preharvest orchard maintenance such as pruning trees, weeding, removing vines, setting posts, and building or repairing fences. It may also include thinning fruit, planting, tending, and harvesting garden crops as well as general farm labor necessary for the operation of the farm. Tractor driving may be required once an employee demonstrates knowledge and skill in the operation of such. Hand tools such as shovels, trowels, hoes, tampers, pruning hooks and shears may be used. Harvesting tasks will include picking peaches, cherries, apples, and other tree fruit. Lower branches are picked from standing on the ground. Ladders up to 22 feet long and weighing up to 50 pounds are used to pick upper branches. Must be physically able to climb a ladder as well as move it throughout the orchard. Picked fruit will be placed in a molded-plastic canvas covered picking bucket or other vessel. Buckets may weigh up to 60 pounds when full. All fruit must be handled with care to avoid bruising and damage. Good quality work is essential to produce a marketable product. Injured fruit must be not exceed 2% as defined in the U.S. standards for grades. Must be physically able to lift up to 60 pounds. There may be exposure to pesticides, extreme temperatures, light rain, and allergens. Workers must be able to perform manual activities with accuracy and efficiency. Pickers must be able to pick a minimum of 20 bushels per hour unless there is an adverse effect on production. Piece rate will be in effect for apple picking. Other tasks will be paid hourly. Wage rate is $14.25/hr Piece rate $.75 per bushels picked. Free and convenient cooking and kitchen facilities are available at the employer-provided housing. Housing is stocked with cooking equipment. Workers will be responsible for purchasing their own food. Free transportation to town for groceries will be provided at least once per week via the company owned van for those who qualify to occupy employer owned housing. Daily transportation will be provided at no charge for employees who qualify to reside in employer-provided housing. Transportation will be from the housing to the job site in a company-owned passenger van which will be driven by a licensed driver and is insured by the employers liability insurance policy. This offer does not apply to workers who do not qualify to live in employer-provided housing. Interested applicants must comply with the following criteria: 1) confirm availability, ability, and willingness to perform the work described for the entire season; 2) local workers confirm the availability or reliable daily transportation to the job sites for the entire season; and 3) confirm the legal qualification to work in the US and ability to provide documents required to complete the I-9″employment Eligibility Certification” within 3 days of employment if the employer renders the decision to hire the applicant. Inbound transportation by commercial bus will be arranged and paid for by the employer for H2A workers. In the case of U.S. workers, the employer will reimburse each worker for the cost of transportation from the place of recruitment to the employers work site. Outbound (return) transportation will be paid for by the employer by providing cash or a check to each worker to cover the cost of return transportation by the most economical common carrier method for the distance being traveled. Each worker may choose their own mode of outbound transportation. Given the demands and unpredictable nature of agriculture, workers may be asked, but not required, to work longer hours than stated in the job offer information. Additionally, start and end times may be adjusted daily to meet crop and weather conditions.

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