Automotive & Diesel Technician II

Allen County

HOURLY RATE: $31.56                      

DEPT: Sanitary Engineering

DIVISION: Wastewater Collection

SUPERVISOR: WWC Superintendent               


FLSA STATUS: Non-Exempt      

CS STATUS: Classified

NORMAL WORK HOURS: 7:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M., Monday through Friday

General Purpose of Job

This is advanced skilled work in the overhaul, heavy-duty maintenance, fabrication and repair of automotive, trucks, construction and related equipment.  Work of this class involves responsibility for performing advanced skilled tasks in the overhaul, maintenance and repair of gasoline and diesel driven automotive heavy duty trucks and construction equipment including automobiles, pickup trucks, heavy duty trucks, tractors, loaders, sewer maintenance equipment, air compressors, pumps and all other related equipment.  Performs administrative duties and building/grounds maintenance.  An employee of this class must be able to perform tasks independent of supervision using independent judgment as to the method of repair after receiving oral or written instructions.  The employee performs most of his/her tasks with limited guidance by the Wastewater Collection Superintendent.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following.  Other related duties may be assigned.

Vehicle / Equipment Maintenance

– Will be required to inspect, adjust, replace and rebuild necessary items and related parts on vehicles/equipment.
– Will be required to service vehicles/equipment including changing oil, tune-ups, replace filters and check all fluid levels on a regular scheduled basis. (Including fueling and cleaning of vehicles/equipment)
– Will be required to test-drive all vehicles after service of vehicles for proper and safe operation. Perform annual maintenance and safety inspection on all vehicles.
– Will be required to field test serviced equipment to ensure safe operations, mechanical integrity, equipment vibrations, noise, wear and leaking lubricants.
– Will perform preventative and routine maintenance as defined by the vehicle and equipment manufacturers manuals, which will include lubricants and filter replacements, alignments etc.
– Advanced skills with test equipment such as but not limited to oscilloscope, diagnostic scan tools, gas analyzer, etc., to diagnose and repair complex drivability problems; operates test equipment to locate sources of failure in electrical and ignition systems; operates test equipment to adjust and validate proper repair.
– Advanced diagnostics and repairs of electrical and/or computerized components of equipment requiring specialized knowledge and experience.

Vehicle / Equipment Repair

Will be required to repair, replace and overhaul gasoline and diesel engines, transmissions, brake systems, drive shafts, differentials, axles, steering systems, electrical systems, fuel systems, exhaust systems, clutch assemblies, suspension systems, wheels/tires, etc.

Will be required to repair, replace or overhaul equipment including, bearing replacements, electrical/electronic trouble shooting, etc.

Will be required to test drive all vehicles after repairs of vehicles for proper and safe operation.

Will be required to field test repaired equipment to ensure safe operations, mechanical integrity, equipment vibrations, noise, wear and leaking lubricants.

Will be required to perform repairs as