Landfill Laborer (12am-9am Shift)

Republic Services, Inc.

POSITION SUMMARY: A Laborer is responsible for safely and efficiently performing general labor duties at a hauling company, transfer station, recycling center or landfill. Responsibilities may include such things as yard clean-up, fueling vehicles and equipment, general vehicle operation, general office maintenance and other related duties.

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o Safely and efficiently perform assigned responsibilities to include such duties as:
o Clean up work areas;
o Fuel vehicles and equipment;
o Clean track on track type and related equipment;
o Perform yard work, including mowing and paper pick up;
o Operate general site vehicles and equipment, such as water trucks, pick up trucks, sweepers, mowers, trimming equipment, etc.;
o Perform general office maintenance and repairs, including painting and janitorial work;
o Install temporary wind fences, as required;
o Direct traffic at the site as necessary; and
o Perform other job-related duties as assigned.