NERR Manager


Coordinate with Reserve partners and other entities on activities that might affect the Reserve, and facilitate meetings of the Reserve Advisory Board (RAB), research/monitoring, stewardship and education committees.Coordinate and communicate with NOAA on the Reserves Operational Award, budget, and Semi-Annual and Annual reports, changes in the Reserve Management Plan, and Reserve priorities as needed Work with NOAA and NERRA in the development of national policy for the National Estuarine Research Reserve System, and serve as the Reserve rep on the NERRA Advisory Committee. Manage and monitor the Reserve operation on a day-to-day basis and supervise Reserve staff members, including those occurring at the ARK. Take the lead on strategic planning and execution of the Reserves mission by the staff.Write grant applications Prepare and manage budgets, and submit reports, workplans, and other deliverables as required by funding sources. Oversee facilities development, site selection and changes in Reserve boundaries with advice from RAB and other advisory committees. Represent MSI and the Reserve and its policies at public meetings and hearings.Conduct oversite and execute the management contract of Fennessey Ranch; working to understand the needs and priorities of the Ranch, and how they align with those of the Reserve and MSIWork with ARK staff to run and sustain a successful rehabilitation center, including attending weekly staff meetings, facility maintenance and updates, grant writing and reporting