HVAC Mechanic/Technician


Assist coworkers as needed and perform as a member of a team in a fast-paced environment.Assist electrician to maintain and repair electrical system. Maintain lighting systems and assist coworkers in other related work projects. Drive UT vehicle to pick up supplies and equipment to job sites.Balancing of the air-handlers (dampers) to maintain comfort levels in offices and lab areas.Calibration to multiple heat-pumps and timers for temperature control of seawater in lab tanks.Repair seawater pumps and associated motors. Maintain records and prepare reports on repairs and service to HVAC equipment. Yearly cleaning of evaporated coils and cooling towers.Replacement of air-handler filters and belts. Daily tests of chemical feeders and blow-down pumps on cooling towers.Service and repair of split system A/C systems with special emphasis on heat pump systems. Overhaul and service of HVAC equipment to include:adjust valves, piping connections, remove and install motors, thermostats, and humidistats.