Water Reclamation Operator


[Job Summary:
[Maintain the operations of the water reclamation plant and collection system. Monitor and record daily readings. Perform repairs and maintenance on the various equipment and systems.
[Principal Duties and Responsibilities:[ This information is intended to be descriptive of the key responsibilities of the position. The following examples do not identify all duties performed by any single incumbent.]{calibri”,sans-serif”=””}]{calibri”,sans-serif”=””}]{calibri”,sans-serif”=””}]{calibri”,sans-serif”=””}

1. Maintain plant operations by monitoring daily readings, gathering samples, testing for control, skimming filters, checking and replenishing chemicals, and performing preventative maintenance on equipment, and make any necessary repairs.
2. Maintain the collection system by operating the hydro-jet in collection lines, repairing collection lines, installing manhole covers and adding chemicals for grease dispersion and root control.
3. Operate the belt press by running equipment for sludge dewatering, washing press, performing preventative maintenance for belt press and checking return sludge.
4. Maintain lift stations by assisting mechanical operator in general maintenance duties.
5. Maintain collection lines by televising lines for various needed repairs.
6. Perform grounds keeping duties as assigned, to include but not limited to mowing, weed eating, and general yard care.
7. Perform other duties as may be assigned.

[Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities[:]{calibri”,sans-serif”=””}]{calibri”,sans-serif”=””}

– Ability to work a flexible work and on-call schedule, including evenings, weekends, and holidays.
– Ability to maintain regular and predictable attendance.

[Machines, Tools, Equipment and Work Aids:]{calibri”,sans-serif”=””}

– Hand tools, power saw, drills, hydro-cleaner, tractor, belt press, piping
– Ear protection, eye protection, gloves, respirator, safety vest, rubber boots

[Education[ Certification and Experience Required:]{calibri”,sans-serif”=””}]{calibri”,sans-serif”=””}