DPS – DLD – License Splst II, Reg Ops – 0171


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Weekend work may be required, on occasion
This position requires the possibility of extended work hours as early as 7:00 am to as late as 8:00 pm.
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Performs moderately complex (journey-level) licensing and permitting work in a Regional Operations Field office of the Driver License Division. Work involves receiving and reviewing license and permit applications; ensuring compliance with applicable policies, administrative codes, and statutes; communicating with external and internal customers; and approving license and permit applications. Meets and screens applicants, administers written and visual tests, prepares application forms and collects license application fees. Answers general information questions pertaining to driver license laws and driver licensing procedures, safety responsibility laws and procedures, other Department services and services available at other state agencies, and traffic laws. Receives and responds to telephone inquiries from the general public. Works under general supervision, with limited latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgement.
The following Military Occupational Specialty codes are generally applicable to this position. https://hr.sao.texas.gov/Compensation/MilitaryCrosswalk/MOSCAdministrativeSupport.pdf
1. Meets and deals with the general public in professional and courteous manner; answers general questions pertaining to applications for various types of driver licenses and identification cards, questions pertaining to traffic laws, driver license, commercial driver license, and safety responsibility laws, driver education, driver improvement, insurance requirements, voters registration, organ donation, Department employment, and other Department and state agency services. Receives and reviews original and permit applications, duplicates, modifications and renewals.
2. Determines the legal needs and requirements of driver license and identification card applicants. Screens application forms to ensure applicant qualification. Approves applications for license and permits based on state regulations, administrative codes, and agency policies and procedures. Provides interpretation of licensing and permitting requirements and applicable various agency and statutory requirements.
3. Performs basic check of physical driving capabilities of applicants by evaluation during observation and interviews of hearing, mental, visual, or physical restrictions, and potential driving limitations due to various medications and their dosage quantities; checks for adequacy of applicants eyesight through use of vision tester; prepares supplemental forms as necessary when potential physical problems or restrictions are identified; determines referrals to Medical Advisory Board and/or to a vision specialist for further evaluation.
4. Inspects motor vehicles for safety prior to road test; verif es evidence of financial responsibility; checks for registration and/or reciprocity; and describes road test basics to applicant.
5. Assumes responsibility of certifying drivers as reasonable risks or disapproving drivers as unreasonable risks.
6. Makes and properly interprets National Driver Records (NDR), Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS), Commercial Driver License Information System (CDLIS), SAVE (System Alien Verification and Entitlement) and other external system inquiries to determine applicants eligibility for licensing.
7. Issues licenses and permits, collects appropriate license fees and prepares receipts; ensures and accepts accountability that monies received balance with receipts issued; captures photograph of applicants, their signatures, and their thumbprints.
8. Checks accuracy of original, renewal, and duplicate license applications, driver education certificates, school attendance forms, insurance documents, registrations, notarizes forms and administers oaths as necessary. Inputs license and permit applications, payments, and required technical data for license and permits into appropriate computer applications, databases and systems.
9. Advises applicants of suspensions, cancellations and revocations, and advises how to qualify.
10. Will administer written, oral or other test to license permit applicants. Administers and grades written and oral driver examinations. May interpret for foreign language speaking applicants. Schedules applicants for driving tests. Operates automated testing machines to measure driver license applicants knowledge of traffic laws and driving practices. Utilizes computers and digital imaging workstations for capture of applicants portrait, thumbprint, and signature.
11. May conduct prescribed comprehensive examinations according to established policies to determine qualifications/limitations. Observes applicant during road test, independently scores applicants abilities, and informs applicant in person of pass/fail status. Suggests methods of improvement and/or informs applicant of deficiencies/inadequacies in driving skills. Recommends official actions to correct/rehabilitate drivers whose performance needs to be improved. Recommends the un-licensing of unsafe drivers. Accepts official responsibility for such recommendations.
12. Provides information and testimony for the Department in administrative, driver improvement, safety responsibility, and judicial hearings as necessary in prosecution of criminal cases and administrative hearings.
13. Provides administrative and technical assistance related to license and permit requirements to the general public, agency staff, government and elected officials; answers questions and explains licensing and permit requirements and supplies information regarding license and permit processing, policies, and procedures.
14. May provide on-the-job training for co-workers.
15. Will administer road skills (drive test) examinations. [Must have a valid State of Texas driver license or approved waiver to perform this duty with a valid driver license from state of residence]
16. May travel as required to work in other Driver License Offices and/or to and from Headquarters for training.
17. May set up, close, and program office machines in preparation or close of days activities.
18. Prepares daily bookkeeping reports.
19. May make minor repairs to testing devices and other office equipment. Prepares, cleans, and maintains work area and testing devices daily.
20. May be required to provide own transportation to remote locations.
21. May be required or assigned to work extended hours alone for periods of time exercising independent judgment.
22. Attends work regularly and observes approved work hour