Executive Chef

Calvary Hospital

The Executive Chef is responsible for training and management of kitchen staff; assists with recruitment and hiring. Develops menus, recipes and coordinates cooks’ tasks. Trains kitchen staff in food preparation, safe handling, operation of equipment, food safety and sanitation. Establishes and maintains cleaning and maintenance schedules for equipment, storage and work areas. Assists with determining staffing levels to help meeting service and operational objectives. performs administrative tasks including scheduling, ordering, forecasting and utilization of food products. Sets and implements kitchen policies and procedures. Ensures all safety requirements are followed. Works well in a fast-paced kitchen. Motivates as well as manages kitchen staff. Is responsible to prepare/direct the preparation of meals following standardized recipes, portioning and preparation standards. Floats into all shifts.



BS degree in culinary science

5 years of experience in a similar position

Advanced knowledge of food professional principles and practices

Advanced knowledge of food preparation, cooking, estimating quantities of food needed, requisitioning food and proper storage of food and supplies.

Advanced knowledge of sanitary procedures involving the handling of food and equipment and proper cooking temperatures.

Excellent communication and leadership skills.

Collaborates effectively and has strong interpersonal skills

Capable of delegating multiple tasks.

Working knowledge of various computer software programs including Microsoft office, excel, ADP.

Ability to work all shifts

Exhibits an ability and attitude relative to the spirit of caring and tradition at Calvary Hospital as required by specific job duties and functions.