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Drivers (Bus Driver, Van Driver, Car Driver, and Substitute Drivers)

are responsible for picking up and discharging passengers according

to trip assignments. Responsible for passenger safety and vehicle




1. Completes pre- and post-trip inspections of the vehicle to be driven

by checking each item on the inspection form, noting any defects;

determines if vehicle defects noted are safety related and certifying

such with a signature; takes the vehicle out of service and notifies

dispatch when a safety defect has been noted.

2. Leaves a copy of the previous days Pre- / Post-Trip Vehicle

Inspection form in the vehicle until the close of business on the next

working day.

3. Reports any criminal or motor vehicle violations to Administration.

4. Cleans windows, mirrors and lights daily.

5. Actively promotes safety and accident prevention within the

workplace; reports any unsafe conditions, incidents and/or accidents

immediately to supervisor.


1. Drives a car, van or bus, picking up and discharging passengers as

2. Follows all state and Federal Motor Vehicle Laws.

3. Assists frail and elderly passengers from their door, to and onto
the vehicle, as well as from the vehicle

to the door of their destination.

4. Secures all passengers in their seats before moving vehicle.

5. Carries parcels for frail, elderly and disabled passengers.

6. Follows all applicable Program and Agency Policies and Procedures.

7. Reports to dispatch when running behind schedule.

8. Reports no-shows to dispatch immediately.

9. Assists wheelchair or scooter bound customers to and from the bus.

10. Loads and unloads secure wheelchair or scooter and physically
challenged passengers in the bus.

Vehicle Maintenance

1. Washes and cleans the interior and exterior of the vehicle as needed
to keep the vehicle looking


2. Ensures that preventative maintenance services are complete by
making and keeping appointments at

the maintenance facility (in cooperation with the Assistant Operations
Manager) on the assigned

vehicle within a 500 mile window of each 5,000 mile interval.

3. Delivers assigned vehicle to the maintenance facility within a 500
mile window of each 5,000 mile

interval and picks up and signs off, indicating that the service or
repairs were made on the Pre- and

Post-Trip Inspection Form when picking up the assigned vehicle from the
maintenance facility.

Position Title:

Drivers (Bus Driver, Van

Driver, Car Driver, and

Substitute Drivers)


Transit Systems

Reports To:

Transit Systems Driver




FLSA Status:


Salary Range:


Last Revised/Approved:

February 2021

Administrative Functions

1. Records beginning and ending odometer readings on trip manifest, and
records odometer readings for

each passenger pick up and drop off on the trip manifest.

2. Records starting and ending time on the trip manifest, and records
the actual time for each passenger

pick up and drop off on the trip manifest.

3. Signs the trip manifest.

4. Collects any fees or fares, recorded on the trip manifest, and signs
in at the office daily.

5. Forwards trip manifests to Administration daily.

6. Forwards the Pre- and Post -rip Inspection Form to administration
according to established


7. Runs errands and performs light housekeeping as assigned.

8. Reports suspected neglect and abuse to supervisor immediately.

9. Submits directions and special instruction recommended changes
dail y.

Professional Development

1. Participates in any required trainings, meetings and professional
development activities.

Leadership & Teamwork

1. Collaborates with all partner agencies to assure effective
communication processes across agencies.

2. Adheres to the policies in the use of computer technology and all
tele-communication devices.

Non-Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Performs additional duties as assigned.


Be committed to the Agencys Mission, Vision and Values.

Maintain adequate knowledge of all WCAP programs in order to make
referrals to other programs

beneficial to the client, his/her family or friends.

Maintain professional boundaries with all current, past, and prospective

Maintain confidentiality of clients, staff, and intern