Cook Full-time or Part-time

Anchor Point Senior Citizens


Permanent full- or part-time hourly position. Weekly hours and salary determined by the Board of Directors.

Salary – $20/hour


Previous experience of five years of food services, preferably in a commercial or an institutional setting.
Tact, diplomacy, and an ability to deal personably with those persons who utilize or are in contact with Anchor Point Seniors facilities and/or its programs and services.

Physical Requirements

1. Ability to walk, stand, stoop, bend, crouch, and lift approximately 50 pounds.
2. Sensitivity to older persons with varying mental and physical abilities

Job Responsibilities

1. Openly communicates with and oversees workings of assistant cook and dishwasher.
2. Communicates needs to office and has grocery list ready by Tuesday.
3. Maintains established policies and procedures, objectives, quality assurance program, and safety standards.
4. Sets menus a month in advance with consideration for costs.
5. Determines quantities of meat, vegetables, and food items to be obtained and prepared.
6. Plans and coordinates food preparation schedule so that foods will be ready at required times.
7. Prepares and serves food with aid of kitchen assistant.
8. Ensure that all foods prepared meet existing standards for temperature, quality, freshness, tastes, and appearance.
9. Practices portion control along with appropriate and sanitary food handling.
10. Ensures that all food is covered, labeled, properly dates, and stored.
11. Maintains required sanitary levels throughout the food preparation process.
12. Ensures that all cooking equipment and utensils are inspected and maintained for cleanliness and proper operation, before and after food preparation.
13. Reports defective supplies/equipment or other unusual conditions.

Has a great attitude and respect for seniors and fellow employees.

Position open until filled.

Equal opportunity employer.