First Bank Chicago

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Basic Function
Provide friendly and professional service to Bank clients by conducting
appropriate transactions and relevant trouble shooting.

Essential Duties

1. Perform all the essential Teller duties in accordance to Bank
policies and procedures:

– Process checking and savings deposits: verify cash and endorsements,
review bank accepted identification for cash back and issue receipts
of deposit
– Process savings withdrawals and cash checks by verifying
endorsements, reviewing bank accepted identification and ensure
check validity
– Issue personal money orders and cashiers checks
– Process ATM, incoming mail and Night Depository deposits.
– Buy and sell currency from the vault as necessary to ensure cash
limits are not exceeded
– Process loan payments: verify payment amount and issue receipts
– Prepare coin and currency orders for business clients
– Process real estate tax payments
– Process account closing transactions
– Gather CTR information
– Redeem US Savings Bonds
– Refer clients to other individuals and departments within the Bank
– Identify opportunities to introduce clients to Bank products and
– Balance cash drawer

2. Perform additional Teller duties in accordance to Bank policies and

– Process: Bond Coupons and Foreign Checks
– Process request to buy and sell foreign currency
– Process foreign drafts
– Process Savings Bond redemptions
– Process requests for Gift Cards
– Provide transaction overrides for tellers when needed (For Tellers
provided with higher override limits)
– Participate in the opening and closing of the Bank

3. Perform departmental duties such as:

– Attend monthly meetings
– Order and arrange supplies
– Provide input for updating Teller, Collection and Client Services

Nonessential Duties

– Other duties as assigned