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Therapist (Child):

Part-time to Full-time – Office Based & Teletherapy

Are you ready to make a career move that is exciting, challenging, and rewarding? Are you interested in joining a progressive company that provides teletherapy throughout Virginia? Well, we have that opportunity if you are licensed in the state of Virginia as an LCSW and have experience working with children in a virtual and office-based setting! Those with clinical licenses in multiple states are encouraged to apply.

MySpectrum offers outpatient counseling and coaching to children and adults, focusing on the Autism Spectrum, Substance Abuse Spectrum, Mental Health Spectrum, and Whole Life Spectrum. We work with every person, on every spectrum and are seeking skilled Therapists throughout the state of Virginia who are interested in providing teletherapy to children (age 5-12) using a teletherapy platform that we have developed to our specifications. We are seeking Therapists who enjoy their work, like to have fun, and are passionate about offering the most creative and innovative ways to treat clients. We want to serve children who havent otherwise been able to find the right fit for therapy, who dont fit the mold of other practices who have more narrow focuses, who may have barriers to getting to an office for therapy, and most of all, want to reduce the stigma associated with receiving therapy by making it fun and engaging for the kids! If you are wanting to find a place where you can build an established client base from your own home or office, we look forward to hearing from you. Instead of worrying about building your own private practice, we will do that for you. In addition to having remote locations through teletherapy, we have a home office in North Chesterfield, VA, where you can visit and obtain in-person support.

Some of the aspects of being in private practice that we will take care of for you at MySpectrum include:

Credentialing with insurance carriers

Billing (you get paid on a bi-weekly basis regardless of if we do)

A teletherapy platform that we built, and will continue to enhance to your specifications



Use of an electronic health record for documentation of sessions

Job Summary:

The Therapist will provide therapy through a HIPAA compliant teletherapy platform, as well as in our office in North Chesterfield, in standard 45-60 minute sessions. The average caseload for full-time Therapists will be approximately 30-35 client sessions per week. For part-time Therapists, we will work with you as you build a caseload that is manageable. We recognize that it may take time to build a solid caseload and are willing to work with you on a part-time basis until you become full-time, if that is your desire. We are also seeking qualified candidates who may want a part-time job to supplement their income.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Provide therapy virtually in standard 45-60 minute blocks

Complete Assessments

Complete Treatment Plans

Complete Progress Notes

Provide input about the best strategies, techniques, and services to offer to help as many people as possible

Be an integral part of the growth and development of MySpectrum!

Qualifications & Skills:

Must be licensed as an LCSW or LPC in the state of Virginia, and eligible for credentialing with major insurance panels; those with clinical licenses in multiples states, in addition to Virginia, are encouraged to apply.

Registered Play Therapist desired

Experience working with diverse populations

Experience working with children in a virtual setting

A creative toolbox to engage children in therapy online

Desire to be a part of a growing company by offering input, thoughts, and considerations for how to best meet the needs of our clients. We all are a team and each persons input is valued; we expect those who join us to be willing to contribute to our overall growth!

Flexibility to commit to joining us now, and the drive to stick with us so that your caseload can grow

Must have high-speed internet access

Must have HIPAA protected space to use on a consistent basis for sessions

Must be comfortable working remotely and seeing clients via telehealth

Benefits and Perks:

You can create your own hours

Work from home or from your own office

You can live anywhere in the state of Virginia

Competitive compensation based on a 60/40 split (bi-weekly pay based on sessions conducted, not on what we have collected from insurance; you receive 60% of what we bill insurance regardless of if we get paid)

W2 Employee

Health insurance available if you average 30 or more billable sessions per week: medical, dental, vision (with employer and employee contribution)

Retirement planning with up to 3% company match

Casual environment that promotes fun and creativity

A therapy practice where you dont have to worry about the business aspects! Just be a Therapist!

Please visit our website to learn more about who we are and what we do: If you would like more information about us, send an email with any questions to: We will be happy to provide you with any information you may be seeking while considering to apply to work with us.

Visit our social media pages to get a sense of who we are: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

(our office playroom – come have fun with us!)




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