Housing Field Coordinator


$1000 Sign-On Bonus paid out within the first year of employment. Hybrid Flex: Employees are required to work in person with clients during schedule session. During office time hours employees can work from their home office space. 80% of the time will be worked in-person with clients. This can be at the clients home. 20% of the time will be working from home office space. Field coordinator will help clients with a disability, developmental disability, traumatic brain injury and mental illnesses. Field coordinators work as community-based employees and they will meet the clients in their homes or out in the community. Field coordinators are to support and supervise the clients when working on their IGP goal plan. Field coordinators are required to fulfill 30 hours of continuous training per calendar year. Field coordinators are required to attend departmental meetings once or twice a month. Field coordinators are required to meet with their immediate supervisor once a month for consultation. Field coordinators are to be punctual and on time to client meetings, one on one supervision consultations, and other departmental meetings and training. If field coordinators are late more than 3 times without prior notice there will be a corrective action in place. Field coordinators are to practice HIPAA and they are required to keep client information confidential. Field coordinators are to communicate with their direct supervisors at least 3 times a week to provide an update or check in. Field coordinators are to adhere to company policies, philosophy and mission statement. Field coordinators are always expected to practice effective and clear communication. Field coordinators are expected to practice integrity and follow through with requests from the case manager, field supervisor, program manager. It is imperative that the field coordinator is respectful of all the people they work with. Boundaries are a critical component of a Field coordinator and they are always required to practice professional boundaries. The organization of field coordinators is essential and field coordinators are to develop an organization plan to maintain consistency with clients and scheduling. Field coordinator will develop and maintain a professional relationship with the clients, case managers and guardians. Field coordinators are required to give a 2 weeks notice if they want to use their PTO and the direct field supervisor will need to approve the leave. All incidents will need to be reported to the senior field supervisor right away and if field coordinators have a suspicion that clients are at risk for being abused call the senior field supervisor. Field coordinators are to coach clients with building and maintaining independent living skills and it is imperative that field coordinators assist the client if necessary. Field coordinators are required to transport clients with goal related errands with the mileage policy of 40 miles a month per client. If coordinators go over 40 miles, communicate with direct supervisors for approval. Field coordinators who are full time are expected to bill the minimum of 32-34 billable hours a week and part time mentors are required to bill 20-24 billable hours a week. Field coordinators are required to report client cancellations, clients not at home, and or client refusing services to their direct supervisor immediately. Field coordinators are to complete individual timecards for clients after every visit and a payroll timecard every week. All time cards need to be turned in electronically by Monday 8:00am (morning) every week to the administrator office assistant. Field coordinators must be flexible and willing to work with clients in different environments such as hoarding, cats, dogs and the smell of smoke because field coordinators work with the clients in their homes. If you are allergic or have limitations please notify the direct supervisor right away. Field coordinators has the option to work on clien services with the clients at the coffee shop, work office, and or a place they are comfortable in. Field coordinators cannot work overtime without consent from their direct supervisors and if they do they cannot bill under 36 client hours. The max hours for overtime are 44 hours. Field coordinators are required to maintain a good driving record when actively working at Empower Health. Field coordinators are required to have the skills of coaching the vulnerable population, such as being able to teach clients how to budget, write a check, and pay bills. Field coordinators are required to understand the basics of the different forms of mental illnesses, especially for the clients who are assigned to the field coordinator. Field coordinators are to call 911 right away if the client is in physical distress and contact the case manager, guardian/family member, supervisor and senior field supervisor. If the Field coordinator is sick, please call your direct supervisor immediately to call your clients. Field coordinators are to help the client with organization and remind the client to keep Empower Health s handbook in a place that is easily accessible. Field coordinators are required to complete bi-annual updates providing the client with patients rights and with reestablishing new goals. Field coordinators are required to meet the skills of fluently able to read, write and speak in English. Field coordinators who work with a different ethnic group should be able to read, write and speak in their language such as Hmong, Spanish, Chinese, Somali and Hindi. Field coordinators are responsible for keeping their client files up to date such as having the most recent IGP s, service agreements, patients rights, emergency form, one years worth of client time cards, the most current release of information form (ROI) and the most current CSSP (from case manager). Field coordinators have a weight lifting restriction of up to 25 pounds. Field coordinators are required to have a driver s license, and a reliable vehicle with insurance. Field coordinators are prohibited from giving clients medications. Field coordinator should notify the clients nurse or case manager if the client needs help with medication administration. Field coordinators cannot use their cell phone for personal calls, personal texting and personal use during working hours. Field coordinators are to consult with direct supervisors regarding client cancellations to come up with the best solution. Field coordinators are required to keep track of client authorized hours and make sure the client maintains their Medical Assistance renewals. Field coordinators are required to document client clinical notes after every session and turn in the clinical notes to be filed in the original file. Field coordinators are to check their voicemails 3 times in a day. Clients are prohibited to call field coordinators personal cell phones.