Hydro Plant Operator


JOB REQUIREMENTS: We Energies, a subsidiary of WEC Energy Group, is
seeking aHydro Plant Operator – Part Time- Part Time in ourAppleton,
Wisconsin location. Job Responsibilities The Hydro Plant Operator
performs the following duties: Operate, Adjust, & Maintain Hydro
Generation Equipment Start, stop, and maintain hydro turbine generators,
auxiliary systems, and water conveyance systems as required. Inspect and
maintain proper lubricant levels and lubrication and cooling water flow
levels, maintain proper reservoir elevation, and maintain efficient
generator and governor/gate positioner equipment. Troubleshoot
operational problems and perform minor maintenance functions which
provide maximum generation possible. Work with Hydro maintenance
personnel as required during major maintenance and inspection
procedures. Occasional assignments to work as member of hydro
maintenance crew (step-up rules will apply) to assist crew as needed and
to increase mechanical maintenance skills. Maintain Proper River Water
Levels Coordinate river flow and levels with upstream and downstream dam
operators, Corps of Engineers, and downstream industrial users. Keep
these entities informed of changes caused by plant operation or weather
conditions. Responsible for river flow when Corps of Engineers dam is
not spilling water or is inoperable. When controlling river elevations,
impacts our public safety upstream if reservoir level is too low and
flooding if reservoir level is allowed to go too high. Miscellaneous
Electrical switching to 4160 volts to provide unit or plant isolation
using Danger tag and protective tag procedures. Perform maintenance on
cooling water systems, plant compressors, lubrication systems, and
building. Operate and inspect 20 ton bridge crane to include rigging.
Remove river debris and ice from plant generator intakes to ensure
maximum water flow maximizing generation capacity of the plant. Provide
hazardous spill notification and containment for environmental spills.
Occasional overtime may be needed for plant operation, such as: intake
rack cleaning, assisting other work groups, etc. An annual expectation
of at least 25% to ARCOS call outs. Daily recording of various equipment
checks in E-log. Perform minor building maintenance such as minor
carpentry, painting, plumbing, tile maintenance, window repairs, etc.
Minimum Experience Required Applicant must have a valid drivers
license and meet the companys requirements for driving. This position
may require unescorted access to certain critical cyber assets which
would require applicants to satisfy all company and NERC Critical
Infrastructure Protection Standard 004 security requirements, which…
For full info follow application link. We Energies is an Equal
Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will
receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color,
religion, sex, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.
ipc.us/t/1C93AB15282C406F Qualified females, minorities, and special
disabled veterans and other veterans are encouraged to apply.