JOB REQUIREMENTS: Align wheels, axles, frames, torsion bars, and
steering mechanisms of automobiles, using special alignment equipment
and wheel-balancing machines. Change spark plugs, fuel filters, air
filters, and batteries in hybrid electric vehicles. Estimate costs of
vehicle repair. Inspect vehicles for damage and record findings so that
necessary repairs can be made. Install or repair air conditioners and
service components, such as compressors, condensers, and controls.
Install, adjust, or repair hydraulic or electromagnetic automatic lift
mechanisms used to raise and lower automobile windows, seats, and tops.
Rebuild, repair, or test automotive fuel injection units. Repair or
rebuild clutch systems. Repair or replace automobile leaf springs.
Repair or replace defective ball joint suspensions, brake shoes, or
wheel bearings. Repair, overhaul, or adjust automobile brake systems.
Repair, replace, or adjust defective fuel injectors, carburetor parts,
and gasoline filters. Replace defective mufflers and tailpipes. Replace
hydraulically assisted systems with electric-powered systems, such as
power steering pumps or air conditioning compressors, to improve fuel
economy. Test electronic computer components in automobiles to ensure
proper operation. Troubleshoot fuel, ignition, and emissions control
systems, using electronic testing equipment. Tune automobile engines to
ensure proper and efficient functioning. OTHER EXPERIENCE AND
QUALIFICATIONS: Experience Requirements A. High school education B. Two
years of post-high school mechanical services education
certification/Associates Degree or four years of equivalent experience.
C. Commercial Drivers License with A, B, C, & D endorsements. D.
Welding and Hydraulics Training. E. Experience with air brakes F.
Experience with automotive 12-volt electrical system G. Basic computer
skills including knowledge and experience with word processing,
spreadsheet and data base software. J. Knowledge and experience with the
operation and maintenance of large machinery including, but not limited
to, dump trucks, tandem axle vehicles, leaf suckers, snow plows, back
hoes, brush chippers, end loaders, tractors, lawn mowers, sewer cleaning
equipment, air compressors and hammers, etc. K. Experienced in snow
plowing with large trucks and end loaders. L. Prior experience with
public works services including, but not limited to, park and recreation
facilities, street repairs and maintenance, snow removal, storm sewers,
lifts stations, etc. Preferred Experience, Not Required A. Certified
auto technician, ASE. B. Certified to complete vehicle inspection
reports. C. Automotive Air Conditioning Certification D. DOT Air Brake
Certification E. Automotive Electric Certified F. Experience or training
in interdepartmental billing and budgeting. Pre-employment Physical is
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